‘Scandal’ Season 4: First Look at Portia De Rossi


Where on earth is Olivia Pope? Last we saw, Olivia was saying goodbye to her drama-filled life as a political fixer and flying off into the sunset, or in this case, a beach, with Jake. Wouldn’t you want to leave that all behind and spend your days on a beach drinking wine with Scott Foley?! I know I would. I mean, look at that face! Those eyes! Anyways, #TGIT is finally here and the wait is over. We all know that Olivia couldn’t leave the political world, and Fitz for that matter, for good, so here are a few photos from the Season 4 premiere to tide you over until tonight.

Check out Portia De Rossi in her stylish outfit, getting some sort of help from those gladiators I’m sure!

Scandal premiere Thursday, Sept. 25 at its new time 9 p.m. on ABC.


Photo Credit: ABC

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