‘The Vampire Diaries’ Recap: “Yellow Ledbetter”


This week’s episode starts off with what happens to Bonnie and Damon on the “Other Side” four months ago, only they end up in Mystic Falls but it’s not really Mystic Falls. The town is the same but it’s not – you feel me? Damon looks around confused, asking “Where the hell are we?” Dun-dun-duuun!

Meanwhile, back in the present day, Matt walks in on a shirtless Jeremy only to find the girl that Elena bit last week standing around in her bra, because Jer has been a bit of a slut lately. She said she “needed a place to crash.” Sure you did. Well, Matt is so fed up with taking care of Jeremy and walks out after having the last line, saying that Jeremy doesn’t care about anything.

Over in Savannah, Ga., we find Stefan with that girl Ivy who is apparently trying to be sweet and make breakfast for him only to find him being weird and basically not wanting her to be there the morning after. But of course he feels bad so he invites her to dinner later and decides that he should probably do the cooking. Looks like someone is settling into a new life outside of Mystic Falls and all things Elena.

Now we find Elena in her room putting everything Damon related into a box – cue the sad montage music – photos of the two of them, her diary and even his shirt that she ripped off his chest as she flashes back to a passionate moment the two of them shared. I’m going to rewind that and watch it again…wait where was I? Oh right, Elena.

If you’re wondering what Caroline is up to, well she’s yelling at Alaric. She just found out that after an entire summer spent reading everything she could on ways to undo the magic bubble problem they’re all having, she finds out that Stefan hasn’t been doing jack diddly squat. Except that’s not entirely true. Enzo has been doing a little “research” of his own. And by research I mean making out with a witch in a closet in order to get information out of her.

Now back to Elena. She is actually going through with her plan – making Alaric take away every memory she has of Damon. Apparently he raided the psychology’s research library and “will be using a combination of hypnotherapy and memory reprocessing techniques.” She has to walk him through deeply embedded memories that he’ll help her modify which will lead them to the signature memory, “which once erased will create a positive domino effect through all your other memories.” Um, this all sounds super serious and scientific, Alaric. But I agree with Elena, can’t he just compel her memories all at once and then go get a beer? Ugh. As she’s recalling the time she first met Damon, she was in high school. God, doesn’t it feel like just yesterday?

We are taken back to Bonnie and Damon as they search for answers in an empty Mystic Falls. As they walk down the street they realize that there isn’t a soul in sight and the cars look a little out dated, only brand new. Damon then realizes that Elena’s house isn’t so burned down and picks up the paper on the lawn, as one does, and finds out that they’ve somehow ended up in 1994. May 10th to be exact.

Oh good, a commercial break.

Ok, back to Elena…again. She’s recalling the time Damon kissed her and when Alaric asks her who is Damon Salvatore she repeats her original statement, “He was my boyfriend, I loved him and he died.” Alaric is obviously frustrated that this isn’t working and they go get that drink after all.

Bonnie relays a bit of information that might be helpful as to why they’re stuck in 1994 – that Grams told her she would be protected once the “Other Side” collapsed and maybe this was the plan. Thinking that magic brought them there, maybe it could bring them back. Only Bonnie still can’t do magic. Bummer.

Side note, I could watch an entire movie of Caroline and Enzo road-tripping it together!

Back in Savannah, Stefan is cooking up a storm and then sneaking in some blood to drink before Ivy shows up when poof, Enzo and Caroline just waltz through the door. Family dinner slash awkward question time.

Cut to the best scene ever – Damon dancing around the kitchen flipping pancakes as Salt-N-Pepa’s “Whatta Man” is playing in the background. Bonnie walks in with a stuffed animal in her hand obviously perplexed by Damon’s cooking skills. Now they’re just listening to 90s music and doing crossword puzzles when they finally realize they’re reliving the same day over and over again. Hello, Groundhog Day!

We find Professor Alaric and Elena continuing to struggle in their hopes of finding that key memory, the first time she realized she loved Damon. She can’t handle it and wants to stop. But guess who’s not stopping? Damon! Still flipping pancakes two months later, only it’s still May 10, 1994.

In other news, Enzo can’t sit at this dinner much longer and decides to stab Stefan in the hand to get him to start talking about what he’s been up to and why all the secrets. Seems logical. Caroline compels Ivy to calm down and brings her upstairs when she gets a call from Alaric on how this whole “Forget” Damon Mission thing isn’t going too well. She of course brings up the fact that Elena fell in love with Damon while she was still dating Stefan, something Elena never admitted to herself and yet everyone knew. Of course Stefan is standing right behind her when she says that. Poor Stefan. After the commercial break (thank god) he decides to share all the work he’s done trying to find a witch to help get Damon and Bonnie back. This hurts Caroline because he basically moved on and didn’t even listen to any of the 100 million messages she left him and then calls him a dick and walks out! BOOM! Mic drop.

Meanwhile, Elena is freaking the f out and calls Luke, asking for more of the witchy drugs when Alaric walks in. Knowing what he now knows from Caroline he tries to dig deeper. Elena is adamant about not loving Damon while she was with Stefan. She just can’t let herself say it. Alaric pushes, with some good points too – that she was lucky enough to love two people this deeply in her young life. Cue the sad music again and maybe some tears (mine, not just Elena’s). She then flashes to the moment she first loved Damon, on her 18th birthday when he gave her the necklace that Stefan had given her. Apparently it was the most selfless he’s ever been, but she knew in that moment that she loved him (more tears). She finally knows she’s ready to let go and Alaric asks her one more time, “Elena, who is Damon Salvatore?,” and she replies,”He’s Stefan’s brother, he’s a monster and then he died.”

NOOOOOOO!!!! Thank you commercial for coming on so I could go get tissues.

When Enzo finds Caroline crying in the car he looks at her and goes back inside to give Stefan a piece of his mind, only to kill Ivy instead. It’s almost sweet and romantic. Right?! Is it weird that I said that? Anyways, basically Enzo believes that brothers never give up on each other and every time he sees Stefan doing anything but finding a way to bring Damon back he will show him the pain he deserves.

Back to Jeremy, who apparently has been paying Bonnie’s cell phone bill this whole time so he could leave her angry voicemails is beyond sad and depressing. This show is such an emotional roller coaster. Sarah, that girl that Elena bit, is still there and admits that she has family in Mystic Falls, which is already shady to begin with. Plus she stole a car.

Now for the good part. Turns out that Tripp (Colin Ferguson), head of the community militia that Matt is part of, was born and raised in Mystic Falls, one of the founding families. His real name is Thomas Vincent Fell III but goes by his mom’s maiden name and he is definitely keeping secrets from Matt because he sure as hell knows what goes on in that town – which is why he’s transporting vampires across the mystical border so they’ll burn up in the back of his creepy van.

Finally we come back to Bonnie and Damon who are sitting at the table next to the cozy fire, finishing the crossword puzzle when they figure out 27-across – Yellow Ledbetter – and realize someone else is in the house with them. Dun-dun-duuuun!

Who could it be? Do we think Tripp is Sarah’s father? Could it be that easy? What if Damon is able to come back? Will Elena’s memories be gone forever? I have so many questions.






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