‘Arrow’ Recap: Season 3, Episode 2, “Sara”

Photo Credit: The CW

Photo Credit: The CW

The episode opens with Roy and Felicity arguing about the phone system at the abandoned Verdant with Oliver heading down to the Foundry only to find Laurel crying, with Sara dead on the table, saying she didn’t know where else to take her. Laurel and Oliver have a moment because they just got her back. It’s not fair indeed. Cue the first flashback to Hong Kong where Oliver has his horrible wig on and is forced to kill someone per Amanda’s instructions. He’s been given a target who turns out to be his best friend, Tommy Merlyn (Colin Donnell).

Now back to Laurel who is sitting on the stairs of Verdant sharing childhood stories about Sara. Also, when did Katie Cassidy dye her hair? Ok back to the show. Laurel says she’s going to help Oliver catch the killer. I sense a bit of revenge coming on. At least she knows that she shouldn’t be in a bar at a time like this, and leaves to go who knows where. Oliver calls Thea and gets her voicemail. We realize we haven’t seen her at all yet or even heard from her besides the random texts Ollie got in the last episode.

He decides to go to the scene of the crime when Diggle meets him on the roof of the building, while Oliver reenacts what might have happened – the killer was there, Sara was over here.

Meanwhile, Captain Lance calls to speak with the Arrow, even though we don’t think he knows about his daughter’s death. At least not yet. God, that would be an awful thing to keep from a father. But apparently he knows about the mysterious archer in town who has been leaving bodies left and right. Mostly corporate blokes, but Lance wants the Arrow to look into it and tells him to watch his back.

Cut to random guy running in an abandoned building scene, where the mysterious archer shows up and kills said guy.

Now we’re back to the Foundry where it sort of looks like a crime scene with numbers and bags of itemized clothing all over the table. Felicity is reminiscing about Sara and how she “envisioned her as this amazonian warrior” when her cell phone rings and realized she was supposed to be at work. I think other people’s computer problems can wait, don’t you?

Diggle is going into the Foundry, with Oliver behind him, thinking that maybe it could be the League of Assassins, but Oliver is sure that it couldn’t be them. They would never target one of their own. Felicity finds security footage of the mysterious archer killing the random dude, aka a construction foreman, in the abandoned building. Oliver asks Diggle if Lyla will give him access to A.R.G.U.S. to find out more information about the witness they found who could possibly lead them to the archer. Oliver is definitely getting worried about Thea because she still hasn’t called him back.

Now we’re back in Hong Kong where Oliver is refusing to take out his best friend, thinking it’s a test of some kind but doesn’t care if he fails. Apparently Tommy is there looking for Oliver because he tried to check his email (remember last week’s episode when he ran into the cafe before getting captured) which set off an alert because “dead men don’t check their email, Oliver!” Maseo tells him that Amanda’s operation can’t be compromised because of some rich kid looking for his friend.

In other news, Felicity finds Roy using her computer, hoping he isn’t tweeting, only to find that he’s searching for Thea as well because he doesn’t think she is where she says she is. He then gives Felicity a note that says:

Roy –
I’m sorry. I made a mistake. Thought I could still be with you. Thought I could still be Thea Queen.
But Thea Queen was trusting and I don’t trust you. Or anyone.
Not anymore.
Thea Queen was too weak. And no matter what it takes, I will be strong. Don’t try to find me. You won’t.
Even I don’t know where I’m going. I only know one thing…
I’m never coming back.

Felicity tells Roy that Oliver needs to see the letter, only he doesn’t agree. He thinks that Oliver will kill him, but Felicity is right, what if Thea is in trouble? No, Roy, she doesn’t need space. She’s had five months and thousands of miles of space. (It’s definitely time for her to come home. But best to leave her dad behind. Don’t you think?) Felicity gets a text (she keeps getting those at the worst time) and when Roy asks her where she’s going, she jokingly says, “there’s someone I need to kill.” The elevator doors open and poof there’s is Ray Palmer. Apparently he’s been sending her flowers, texting her, emailing her, calling her and even spamming her. Is that a thing? He even bought the store where she’s working. Hello, stalker! But she is starting to cry while waiting for the elevator and he tells her that money can’t solve all problems and that whatever her something else is, it’ll get better. Awwww. I think he cares.

Now we’re back at the abandoned building where Arrow is searching for the possible witness only to find some punk kid who says “he saw nothing.” Lies! After a punch or two he finally confesses, saying the archer was wearing something that looked like a hockey mask. He calls for Diggle to see if he’s checking A.R.G.U.S. when he says he found a list of about 20 archers when Oliver provides the information that their new archer wears a mask, narrowing it down to one man. Simon LaCroix, a mercenary who goes by the name, Komodo. Diggle sends Felicity all the information he has, apparently he has a really bad credit score. She tracks him down because he’s calling his mother. HA! Note to self: Don’t call your mom when you’re on the run.

The Arrow gets to Komodo’s location just as he’s about to kill someone else. They have an arrow/motorcycle-off in an alley when Komodo manages to strike Oliver with an arrow and knock him off his motorcycle. Showoffs. When he comes to and says he got away, Laurel is pissed. She slams her fist down on the table and storms off. Back at the Foundry, Oliver, Diggle and Felicity try and figure out a way to track Komodo since he obviously won’t be calling his mother again.

Flashback to Hong Kong, where Oliver and Maseo are discussing a way to get out of killing his best friend. Maseo says that the only way will be Amanda finding someone else do the job for him. We see Tommy walking around his new digs, talking to his dad (Malcolm), when suddenly a man in black injects him with something in the neck and grabs him from behind.

In other news, Laurel is at the hospital demanding to see Ehrlich Kelso, the man the archer almost killed before Arrow interrupted, showing her D.A. badge and reminding the officers on duty that her dad is Captain Lance. Please, right this way Ms. Lance. They open the door and she introduces herself, letting him know she has a few questions.

At the Foundry, Oliver is getting angry that Felicity’s algorithm is taking too long. He’s mad at her, saying they’re wasting time and the killer could get away. Felicity knows this and doesn’t need to be reminded, especially by him. Ollie apologizes and tells her she needs to be on her A-game right now. She tells him she doesn’t have it, that she’s dealing with the loss of a friend, unlike him who is being so cold and not showing any bit of emotion at the moment. Apparently he “doesn’t have the luxury of falling to pieces. Everyone is looking to me to handle things, to make the right decisions. Everyone is looking to me, to lead. If I grieve, nobody else gets to.” She reminds him that he’s a human being and allowed to have feelings. (Cue the tears!) He tells her that as he was looking at Sara earlier, he was reminded that that could happen to him. One of these days it will be him on the table. Felicity tells him that this has taught her that life is precious and she wants so much more than this. She leave in tears.

Back at the hospital, Laurel is questioning Kelso, asking him why someone would want to kill him. Of course he responds by saying he doesn’t know. She tries a different tactic and gets a bit more aggressive. She calls him a liar and he still won’t respond to her questions. So she decides to re-break his arm while asking him what he has in common with Burke and Kauffman, the other two victims. That did the trick. Apparently they were all working on a secret deal together to build an oil pipeline for AmerTek. Before he could finish telling his story, an arrow comes flying through the window and kills him instantly. Laurel goes to look out the window and sees the masked archer on the roof of the building next door. Because that’s what I would do, go straight to the broken window where an arrow came through and killed someone.

Meanwhile, Oliver is still at the Foundry trying to get ahold of Thea and leaves her yet another message. Roy is there and knows he should finally come clean about the letter. But before he can say anything, Diggle walks in saying Lyla has multiple teams trying to get an angle on LaCroix. Roy finally speaks up and hands Oliver the note, apologizing profusely for not giving it to him sooner.

We find Laurel at the hospital leaving a message for Felicity when her dad walks in and knows she’s lying about being there on behalf of the D.A.’s office. He knows she wants to help but tells her she doesn’t need to be taking these kind of risks. That her sister’s got that covered (Only she doesn’t. Not anymore). He tells her to go home, but she goes straight to the Foundry instead.

Laurel gets everyone up to speed on what she learned at the hospital about the pipeline. After Felicity does her computer-algorithm thingy she finds that the deal was to open a pipeline in Qurac (where Sara killed a lot of people for the League). Apparently an AmerTek board member named Tom Weston was the one who authorized the bribes to Kelso, Burke and Kauffman, and is most likely the archer’s next victim. Felicity finds out Weston’s location, which happens to be at a fundraiser for Star City, held by the one and only Ray Palmer. Laurel grabs a gun and tells Oliver she’s going with him. He tells her she’s reckless and almost got shot with an arrow herself. She is not taking no for an answer but he promises he won’t let Komodo get away this time.

Later that night at Star City’s fundraiser, Ray Palmer steps to the podium, inviting all the wealthy attendees to donate and “help make Star City our future.” As he finishes his speech, Komodo crashes through the window and shoots an arrow with a rope around Weston. As he’s pulling him towards him, Arrow and Arsenal show up (perfect timing as always) and fight back. Komodo jumps out of the window and Arrow goes after him. They end up a few stories down below where the party was, fighting some more when Arrow asks him to “lower your bow and live.” He strikes Komodo in the chest and removes his mask, just as Laurel shows up with the gun he told her to put back. As she threatens him with said gun, Komodo realizes she thinks he killed someone that he hasn’t. He tells her he was drunk in Bludhaven two nights ago and that he couldn’t have killed Sara. Laurel’s anger intensifies and she tries to shoot him, only to discover that Oliver removed the bullets (good thinking), and they leave Komodo against the wall as helicopters hover above.

Back at Verdant, Oliver tells Laurel that LaCroix’s alibi checks out. He says that her father deserves to know what happened to Sara because he knows that he will find her true killer but doesn’t know when that will happen exactly. Laurel heads over to her father’s office and tell him that she lied to him at the hospital. Right when she’s about to tell him the truth about Sara, his alarm goes off reminding him to take his heart medication and she backs out. Later that night, Team Arrow finally gets to bury their friend. Felicity is the first to pick up a handful of dirt and place it on the coffin, saying it’s a Jewish custom. Laurel breaks down, objecting to the fact that they’re burying her in her old grave, that she doesn’t get a new one. She doesn’t think it’s fair, that no one will every know who she was. Oliver comforts Laurel as she cries in his arms. Those sweet, sweet arms. Diggle chimes in saying “they’ll know” – that they’re naming the baby Sara, so they’ll never forget.

As we flashback to Hong Kong we find Tommy tied up wondering where he is. In walks the man in black, the one who drugged him. Only the man in black is Oliver Queen. He is now doing a Christian Bale Batman voice, saying he hacked into Oliver’s email account, knowing someone would come looking for him, preferably someone he could kidnap and get a handsome ransom off of. Enter, Tommy Merlyn, the son of the CEO of Merlyn Global. Jackpot! He tells Tommy that Oliver is dead and that he will be too if his father doesn’t pay the ransom. Maseo walks in dressed as a cop and frees Tommy.

Back at the Foundry, Oliver is sitting alone in the dark when Diggle walks in. He tells him he’s officially back on the team until they find the person that killed Sara. Oliver says that he now has to go find Thea, that it’s time for her to come home. As Diggle starts to leave, Oliver stops him and tells him he doesn’t want to die down here and Diggle says, “So don’t, Oliver.”

Laurel is curled up on the couch holding the stuffed animal that she was talking about earlier as she was telling stories about her sister. She holds up the black Canary jacket she was given last year and has a bit of a smile on her face. We find Diggle at home looking in on baby Sara, who’s wearing a onesie that says Sara in pink lettering. Roy is outside somewhere looking at a picture of Thea on his phone. Felicity goes back to Queen Consolidated to talk to Ray, telling him she’ll work for him because she wants more out of life.

Cut to Corto Maltese, where we find three people sparring with someone looking on and clapping. That someone turns out to be Malcolm Merlyn, and the one that defeated the other two is none other than Thea herself.



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