‘White Collar’ Premiere Preview: “Borrowed Time”

WHITE COLLAR -- "Borrowed Time" -- Photo Gallery

WHITE COLLAR — “Borrowed Time” Episode 601 — Pictured: (l-r) Marsha Thomason as Diana Berrigan, Tim DeKay as Peter Burke — (Photo by: David Giesbrecht/USA Network)

The season 5 finale of USA’s White Collar left us not knowing who took Neal Caffrey or why. All we know is that this mysterious man, who had been following Neal around tells him that he’s “about to become the last person on Earth who knows where you are.” Then someone comes up from behind him, puts a bag over his head and tosses his tracking anklet into the street.

Meanwhile, Peter was given a fancy promotion which meant moving to DC, which he now isn’t so sure about even though Elizabeth is set on moving for her new job at the National Gallery of Art.

In a teaser for the season 6 premiere, we realize that Peter thinks Neal is on the run. I mean, wouldn’t you after finding out that after all this time helping the FBI with their investigations, and with the promise of being free, you find out that they don’t want to get rid of their most valuable asset?!

Peter is interrogating Mozzie who would swears that Neal would never run without him. They would have constructed a perfectly laid out plan, with no loose ends and brings up the idea that Neal could have been taken. Dun-dun-Duuuun!

White Collar - Season 6

WHITE COLLAR — “Borrowed Time” Episode 601 — Pictured: (l-r) Tim DeKay as Peter Burke, Willie Garson as Mozzie — (Photo by: David Giesbrecht/USA Network)

Here’s the official synopsis from USA:

In an attempt to secure his freedom once and for all, Neal convinces Peter to strike an ironclad deal with the FBI brass. But first, he must gain access to a the leader of an international crime syndicate. Meanwhile, El is confronted with startling news about her future with Peter.

The finale season of White Collar premieres Thursday, Nov. 6 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on USA Network.

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