‘Orphan Black’ Season 3: Ari Millen is Project Castor [PHOTO]

OB TCA Exclusive

I’ve been on the edge of my seat since the season 2 finale and on Saturday at the Television Critics Association, BBC American released an exclusive image (shown above) from the upcoming season.

“In season three of the Peabody Award winning Orphan Black, a set of highly-trained military clones will turn the seestrahood on its head. In this newly released photo, Ari Millen appears as the lethal “Rudy” aka “Scarface” – the brutal and crazed Castor clone with a sleek mohawk and a menacing scar that adds to his intimidating exterior. Just when the sisters thought they knew their enemies and allies, they’ll learn they’re more vulnerable than ever before.”

Here’s a teaser trailer to refresh your memory:

Orphan Black season three returns Saturday, April 18th on BBC AMERICA.

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