USA Wants Viewers to ‘Dig’ Deeper in New Event Series


USA Network’s newest event series DIG comes from the minds of Heroes creator Tim Kring and Gideon Raff, creator of the Israeli series Prisoners of War in which Showtime’s Homeland is based off of. The ten-episode series stars Jason Isaacs (Harry Potter, Awake) as Peter Connelly, an FBI agent stationed in Jerusalem, is investigating the death of an American citizen that has been killed on foreign soil and soon uncovers a conspiracy thousands of years in the making. Anne Heche (Hung, Save Me) stars as Lynn Monahan, the head of the Jerusalem FBI office, who happens to be Peter’s boss and sometimes lover.

There’s much more to the story than just solving the murder of a young female archaeologist. Back at the Television Critics Association summer session, Kring said “it’s primarily a murder mystery set in old Jerusalem.”

He added that “certain stories lend themselves to a beginning, middle and end and some can go on and on. Knowing where you’re going is a real luxury.” Isaacs added that “it takes you on a journey and the journey has an ending. The ending is the most important part…and I love telling a proper story and this is a proper story.”

Dig - Season 1

Heche chimed in saying that she really likes “complicated characters and when I met with Tim and Gideon, they see my personality and it tends to become part of the character, and as she evolves, everyone works together with that. Even though Lynn works with the FBI, she is a complicated woman and has a deep emotional tie to Peter and is an emotional spirit…I wanted to bring that to her character so she’s not a cookie cutter FBI agent. I wanted her to be a bit more complex.”

The series, which was originally previewed at last summer’s Television Critics Association, has had a few setbacks due to the region’s ongoing turmoil, and had to move from it’s previously schedule fall premiere date. The series had to move locations as well, from Jerusalem to Croatia and now New Mexico. On a good note, executives liked the pilot so much that they added additional episodes to the originally planned six-episode series.

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Dig premieres Thursday, March 5 at 10/9c on USA.

Dig - Season 1

The official “Pilot” synopsis:

An action thriller, DIG tells the story of a murder mystery set against the backdrop of modern day Jerusalem, a city shrouded in ancient intrigue. FBI agent Peter Connelly has had his fair share of heartbreak. Anxious to leave his personal demons behind, Peter takes a job stationed in Israel under the guidance of his new boss and occasional lover, Lynn Monahan. When he sets out to solve the murder of a young American, Peter soon finds himself embroiled in an international mystery that delves into the Holy Land’s darkest secrets. What he discovers is a conspiracy thousands of years in the making that threatens to change the course of history. While Peter races to figure out what it all means, he quickly finds that he may not be the only one searching for answers.

Dig - Season 1

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