‘Younger’ Season Finale Preview: “No Weddings & A Funeral”

"Younger" (Ep. 212 - Airs March 23, 2016)

There’s only one episode left of TV Land’s hit series Younger and it will give you all the feels! Trust me, you won’t want to miss it.

We were left with so many unanswered questions after last week’s penultimate episode, that honestly, no one saw coming. Will Liza tell Kelsey the truth about Thad? About herself? Thad’s sudden and oddly ridiculous death scene made Liza think about all the lies she’s been telling to herself and all the people around her that she loves. It’s got to be exhausting telling all those lies and not being able to tell her new best friends the truth about her life, her age and the fact that she has a daughter.

The season finale definitely makes things even more unsure about her future with Josh, with Empirical and her relationship with Kelsey.

Younger airs Wednesdays at 10/9c on TV Land.

And just because I don’t want you to be sad after the finale, here’s a little something to hold on to.


Photo and Video Credit: TV Land

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