Netflix Sets ‘Gilmore Girls’ Revival Premiere Date, Releases First Trailer


Amy Sherman-Palladino’s series about a fast-talking mother and daughter a.k.a Lorelai squared finally has a premiere date and trailer.

Netflix’s Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life will premiere Thanksgiving weekend on November 25, 2016 at 12:01 a.m. PT. The series will consist of four 90-minute episodes, covering a different season of the year. The streaming giant teased the first two minutes of Winter for the critics in the room, but since you weren’t there, we’ll just have to show you the first official teaser trailer.

The series will be released all at one, per usual, even though Sherman-Palladino would prefer a week-by-week situation. And don’t worry, the last four words are just as important this time around, so don’t go spoiling it for everyone, ok?!

The cast was thrilled to return to step into the shoes of these now iconic characters. “I knew it would be special right from the get-go,” said Scott Patterson who plays Luke. “The more time goes by, the more satisfying it becomes and the show becomes iconic.” Patterson gave a nice shoutout to the ATX Television Festival for “driving it home to all parties involved.”

Lauren Graham added: “For me, it was an incredible experience. It was like going to college when you’re really ready. We were given the gift to go back knowing those things and it was a rare opportunity.”

Of course, someone brought up the Melissa McCarthy controversy which Sherman-Palladino quickly shot down, saying, “we all knew between us that we would make it work one way or another. It somehow took on a life of its own. She and Lauren [Graham] have a weird Lucy and Ethel thing and you kind of have to see it, to get it.” “Melissa came on one of our last days and it was so great,” added Graham. “Had it not happened it would have felt like a gap.”

Let’s not forget all of Rory’s boyfriends, all of whom  will “make an appearance in one way or another,” says Bledel.

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‘Gilmore Girls’ is Coming to Netflix Instant

Gilmore Girls

It’s all happening. Netflix has acquired the exclusive streaming rights to all seven seasons of Gilmore Girls through a deal with Warner Bros. Television. Let me just tell you, 17 year-old Claire is super excited right now and [I’ll never tell you my age] year-old Claire can’t wait to sit on my couch in my pj’s and never leave the house. Just the idea of heading back to the days of The WB and Stars Hollow, Connecticut are getting me super pumped. Sevens seasons equals 153 episodes of pure laziness. Thank you, Netflix!

Even though we get to see Lauren Graham on NBC’s Parenthood and Alexis Bledel on the occasional guest spot like AMC’s Mad Men, it’s still not the same. Lorelai and Rory had this relationship we all wanted. Rory was so relatable, from problems at home, to issues at school and even boy trouble. The cutest boys lived in Stars Hollow too. For a show like this to come to Netflix will see a huge wave of fans, both new and old.

You can binge-watch all seven seasons beginning October 1 on Netflix.

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