‘How to Get Away with Murder’ Photo Gallery: “He Has a Wife”

This week’s episode of How to Get Away with Murder has the “Keating five” representing a mother who’s on trial for killing her family’s nanny. Oh good. Did we mention she was on heavy medication when it happened? This should be an interesting episode for sure. Can’t wait to see what tactics Annalise uses to get her client off this time around.

Photo Credit: ABC

Photo Credit: ABC

This week’s How to Get Away with Murder is going to be very much a Lila-centered episode. We’ll finally get to see more about the relationship between Lila and Sam, courtesy of a few flashbacks.

Photo Credit: ABC

Photo Credit: ABC

The network has released the official synopsis along with some stills from the episode titled “He Has a Wife,” airing Thursday, Nov. 13 at 10 p.m. ET on ABC.

“He Has a Wife” – The team represents a mother who’s on trial for killing her family’s nanny while on heavy medication. Meanwhile, a shocking discovery is revealed in Lila’s case that could change everything for Rebecca and Bonnie’s loyalty to Annalise. In flashbacks, we learn more about Lila and Sam’s relationship on.

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‘How to Get Away with Murder’ Preview: “Freakin’ Whack-a-Mole” [Photos]

On this week’s How to Get Away with Murder we end up getting very personal around this Asher-centered episode. According to the synopsis released by ABC, Annalise and the team take on a client “from the projects who was sentenced to death by Asher’s father several years ago.”

Photo Credit: ABC

Photo Credit: ABC

I hope we finally get a little closer to moving beyond the kids rolling up Annalise’s husband and having dramatic freak outs in the flash-forwards, because I’m so over that repeating sequence with the cheerleader and the bonfire. But that’s just me.

Photo Credit: ABC

Photo Credit: ABC

Check out some stills from this week’s episode, titled “Freakin’ Whack-a-Mole,” along with an episode description below.

And in case you need refresher on what happened last week, here’s a brief recap courtesy of ABC.
Sneak Peek at this week’s episode:

How to Get Away with Murder airs Thursdays at 10 p.m. ET on ABC.

Episode Description: “Freakin’ Whack-a-Mole” – A case gets personal for Annalise and the team when their client is a man from the projects who was sentenced to death by Asher’s father several years ago. Meanwhile, Wes is still angry at Annalise for hiding information about Lila’s case, so Annalise must convince him to get back in line. In flash-forwards, we find out exactly where Asher was on the night of the murder.
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‘How to Get Away with Murder’ Preview: “We’re Not Friends” [Photos and Video]

Are we still liking How to Get Away with Murder? I still can’t decide, although I absolutely loved the scene in last week’s episode where Annalise took off all her makeup and wig before asking Sam why his penis was on the dead student’s phone. BOOM! That was a pretty amazing scene. Viola Davis is the sh*t!


Here’s the synopsis from this week’s episode:

“We’re Not Friends” – Annalise takes on a tough case defending a minor who fatally shoots his police officer father. Meanwhile, Annalise and Sam continue to argue over his relationship with Lila, and Wes and Rebecca begin to question Annalise’s motives. In flash-forwards, we learn more about Laurel’s relationship with Frank and why he was calling her the night of Sam’s death.

How to Get Away with Murder airs Thursdays at 10 p.m. ET on ABC.

‘How to Get Away with Murder’ Preview: “Let’s Get to Scooping” [Photos and Videos]

ABC’s How to Get Away with Murder is the hot new drama this fall TV season. It debuted to 14.3 million viewers and has already been picked up for a full season only three episodes in. The drama series will run for a full 15 episodes, which was the plan all along.

Photo Credit: ABC

Photo Credit: ABC

I’m still not sold on the show entirely as there are just too many main characters and story lines to go with it. Annalise is cheating on her husband who might have been involved with a student and her murder. Then we are meant to assume that Bonnie and Annalise’s husband, Sam, are involved, which is a crazy shape of a disaster. Frank has a thing for Laurel, and went to find her at a bar only to see her making out with someone else. Come on, Laurel, how did you not see him there?

Meanwhile, Michaela’s finds out that her fiancé went to boarding school with Connor, and by boarding school, we mean they were totally hooking up. Oh, and let’s not forget about Wes, who’s trying to help Rebecca only to get caught by Annalise herself.

Photo Credit: ABC

Photo Credit: ABC

Here’s a little sneak peek at what happens on this week’s episode. What do you think of the show so far?

How to Get Away with Murder airs Thursdays at 10 p.m. ET on ABC.

Photo Credit: ABC

Photo Credit: ABC

“Let’s Get to Scooping” – Annalise and her students uncover a shocking truth while investigating the case of Marren Trudeau (Elizabeth Perkins), founder and CEO of a major brokerage firm, who has recently been arrested for insider trading. Meanwhile, Wes discovers a cell phone hidden by Rebecca whose contents reveal an unsettling clue in the Lila Stangard murder case.
Guest starring Elizabeth Perkins as Marren Trudeau, Sara Paxton as Talia Lewis, Alysia Reiner as D.A. Wendy Parks, Niko Pepaj as Pax Curtis, Tom Verica as Sam Keating, Conrad Ricamora as Oliver and Arjun Supta as Kan.

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‘How to Get Away with Murder’ Preview: “Smile, or Go to Jail” [Photos]

After two episodes in I’m still not sure how I feel about How to Get Away with Murder. It’s not that I don’t like the cast because they’re all amazing, especially Viola Davis, but there are just too many main characters. Last week’s episode featured guest star Steven Weber as eccentric millionaire Max St. Vincent who was a suspect in his wife’s murder was very reminiscent of Dylan Baker’s character in The Good Wife. Regardless, it was sort of a blah case. However, what was interesting was the fact that Wes has a secret and that secret is he’s hiding his new neighbor / friends Rebecca Sutter.


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I’m assuming the whole season will reveal little by little what happened to Sam Keating and how he ended up dead, rolled up in his own carpet, but I might not make it to that point. We also assume that Bonnie is having an affair with Sam or just obsessed. Either way, it’s going to come out eventually. Unless Annalise already knows, which is entirely possible.


This week’s episode titled “Smile, or Go to Jail,” we continue to follow the story of the sorority girl found dead in the water tank. Annalise is asked to represent the football player boyfriend. Now we know from last week’s episode that she suspects her husband of knowing the dead girl much more than he’s letting on. He deleted all of his messages with her including texts and email and Annalise can’t take the case until she knows 100% that he’s not involved.


How to Get Away with Murder airs Thursdays at 10 p.m. ET on ABC.

Episode Synopsis: Smile or Go to Jail” – Annalise helps Paula Murphy (Ana Ortiz), a suburban soccer mom, get released from jail after she was arrested for a misdemeanor, but just as she’s about to walk free, she’s arrested again by the FBI in connection for felony murder. Annalise and her students are tasked with proving her innocence which will depend on the testimony from another suspect in the case. Meanwhile, the Middleton University president asks Annalise to represent Griffin O’ Reilly, the star quarterback who has also been linked to Lila’s disappearance but she’s unable to make a decision until she knows that Sam (Tom Verica) wasn’t involved in the case. In flash forwards, more clues are revealed and we discover someone else was also there besides the students during the night of the murder.
Guest starring Ana Ortiz as Paula Murphy, Tom Verica as Sam Keating, Alysia Reiner as D.A. Wendy Parks and Lenny Platt as Griffin O’ Reilly.
Photo Credit: ABC

‘How to Get Away with Murder’: “It’s All Her Fault” [Photos]

ABC’s highly anticipated drama How to Get Away with Murder premiered last week to a whopping 14 million viewers (20.3 million viewers including L+3 numbers) and fans can’t wait to get another episode under their belts.

Annalise has a few secrets she’s not telling us. As do her husband Sam and Bonnie. I’m sure Wes does too. Did I mention that Steve Weber is guest starring in this week’s episode?! #WingsForever

Check out photos from tonight’s episode below.

How to Get Away with Murder airs tonight at 10 p.m. ET on ABC.


Episode Description (ABC): “It’s All Her Fault” – Annalise takes on a new client, Max St. Vincent (Steven Weber), an eccentric millionaire who is the key suspect in his wife’s brutal murder. All the clues point to St. Vincent as the killer, but Annalise challenges her students to prove he’s innocent – whether that’s the truth or not. Meanwhile, Annalise deals with issues in her own home when her growing suspicions that Sam (Tom Verica) is somehow involved in Lila’s disappearance start to affect their marriage. In flash forwards, we go back to the night of the murder and learn that Wes might be hiding a few secrets of his own.

Guest Starring Tom Verica as Sam Keating, Conrad Ricamora as Oliver, Laura Coover as Eloise St. Vincent and Steven Weber as Max St. Vincent.

Photo Credit: Mitch Haaseth / ABC

TCA: ABC Sets Premiere Date for ‘How to Get Away with Murder’


Shonda Rhimes has yet another drama on the Thursday night lineup. How to Get Away with Murder (too long of a title to Tweet) stars Academy-Award Nominee Viola Davis as Criminal Law Professor Annalise Keating who also happens to be a defense attorney. Keating is tough, sexy, passionate – basically everything you’d want in a professor – “who selects a group of the smartest, most promising students to come work at her law firm.” The series seems like it will be a basic procedural, case-of-the-week type show with stories about her personal life and relationship with a local detective woven throughout. But we’ll see.

How to Get Away with Murder premieres on Thursday, Sept. 25 at 10 p.m. ET, part on ABC’s new TGIT lineup following Grey’s Anatomy at 8 p.m. and Scandal at 9 p.m. Thursday night is Shonda night!

Check out the trailer below and let us know what you think!

ABC SYNOPSIS:  Annalise Keating (Academy-Award Nominee Viola Davis) is everything you hope your Criminal Law professor will be – brilliant, passionate, creative and charismatic. She’s also everything you don’t expect – sexy, glamorous, unpredictable and dangerous. As fearless in the courtroom as she is in the classroom, Annalise is a defense attorney who represents the most hardened, violent criminals – people who’ve committed everything from fraud to arson to murder – and she’ll do almost anything to win their freedom. On the surface, Annalise seems like she has it all – a successful career and loving husband, Sam (Tom Verica) – but her relationship with a local Philadelphia detective, Nate (Billy Brown), will force her to confront secrets about her life she never saw coming.

Each year, Annalise selects a group of the smartest, most promising students to come work at her law firm. The students vying for this coveted position include Wes Gibbins (Alfred Enoch), a wide-eyed, likable boy-next-door recently accepted off the waitlist; Michaela Pratt (Aja Naomi King), a confident, ambitious overachiever born knowing how to “lean in;” Connor Walsh (Jack Falahee), a sly, sophisticated heartbreaker used to getting any prize he lays his eyes on; Laurel Castillo (Karla Souza), a quiet, sensitive idealist who’s easy to underestimate and Asher Millstone (Matt McGorry), an entitled know-it-all born into a world of Ivy League educations and country club memberships. The students all work under two of Annalise’s dedicated associates: Frank Delfino (Charlie Weber), a local Philly boy done good, and Bonnie Winterbottom (Liza Weil), a sweet, observant team-player with a hidden edge.

Early in the first season, Wes will become entangled with his mysterious neighbor, Rebecca (Katie Findlay), after she becomes the main suspect in the murder of a beautiful university coed. Annalise’s involvement with Rebecca’s case will challenge her students’ values, convictions, and dreams, as she teaches them the dark truth about the law and our justice system. It’s worth it though. Working for Annalise is the opportunity of a lifetime, one that can change the course of our students’ lives forever, which is exactly what happens when they find themselves involved in a murder plot that will rock the entire university.

CAST: “How to Get Away with Murder” stars Academy-Award Nominee Viola Davis as Professor Annalise Keating, Billy Brown as Nate, Alfred Enoch as Wes Gibbins, Jack Falahee as Connor Walsh, Katie Findlay as Rebecca, Aja Naomi King as Michaela Pratt, Matt McGorry as Asher Millstone, Karla Souza as Laurel Castillo, Charlie Weber as Frank Delfino and Liza Weil as Bonnie Winterbottom.

EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS: “How to Get Away with Murder” is created and executive-produced by Pete Nowalk (“Scandal,” “Grey’s Anatomy”). Shonda Rhimes (“Scandal,” “Grey’s Anatomy”), Betsy Beers (“Scandal,” “Grey’s Anatomy”) and Bill D’Elia (“Grey’s Anatomy,” “The West Wing”) also serve as executive producers. “How to Get Away with Murder” is produced by ABC Studios.

Photo Credit: ABC